Big Sky

Big Sky Core Skills 

This one day course will provide you with the skills and confidence to get outdoors with your friends and family to practice your newly acquired skills. The course is designed to give you a basic introduction to bushcraft at the Big Sky base camp. Spend a day in the woodland environment learning some fundamental skills to thrive in the outdoors. The course may vary depending on weather and seasons.

This is not a half day course masquerading as a full day. After arriving at camp a quick orientation and safety brief, the teaching begins and continues all day with an expected finish time of 16.30. It's pretty full on but great value for money.The course will cover:


  • Methods of fire lighting
  • Siting your fire
  • Tinders, natural and man made
  • Coal extenders
  • Fire lays
  • Clearing away your fire


  • Finding water
  • Reading the Landscape
  • Filtering and purifying


  • Survival shelters
  • Safe places to camp
  • How to make things comfortable

​  Kit

  • Clothing
  • Tools
  • Equipment


  • Preparing food outdoors
  • Cooking on an open fire

The price for this course is £55 per person as a special introductory offer:

Half day courses contain most of the elements but in less detail cost is £30 person:

  All the information you need to know before booking including a kit list: Booking Essentials


  For our next available dates and booking go to our course calendar page